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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Text from Metropolitan Police regarding Jordan's contact with them

The viewer is reminded of the fight Jordan has had since December 2019,the police threatened to arrest Jordan for reporting that he had found missing documents from his grandfather's safe which was left open the night he was murdered. The police for over five months said there is no murder at the address nor under Mr Durrant's name.

Jordan did not stop calling the police from Spain for many months until one day a more senior policeman came on the phone and said how do we stop you from calling ,Jordan said have you got google on your phone. The policeman said ok we are not allowed to use it but we will to stop you calling.

The policeman took his personal phone out and looked up the Durrant Murder Solicitor Surbiton and could not stop apologising to Jordan.

Jordan was put in touch with the historical murder unit in Putney and they wrote explaining they could not find information on his murder was it solved or not !

The above email shows Mr Durrant's murder file was not kept digital but on shelf somewhere ,how could the historical murder unit solve the case if they did not know about it.

The above email shows the Isle of Jersey communicated with the Metropolitan police and Mr Durrant's murder investigation was shut down by Jersey.

The police officer clearly states the safe was open.

Same policeman.

The police interfered in the Isle of Man case and his Honour Judge Needham resigned and a UK judge was asked to come over to the Isle of Man a Mr Jonathan Arkush who will not let my family mention the trustee's conduct over all these decades.

Above is an email from the UK parliament re the third party payment processor idea to safe guard the investors in British offshore islands. (please note the case is open when he inquires into the state of Mr Durrant's murder investigation but Jordan is told it is inactive.(corruption again by Metropolitan police)

Finally Mr James William Durrant's death certificate is fake as he was born in Tottenham not Dalston and his DOB is November 21st 1913 not 1914.

Mr Durrant was stabbed many times but no mention of those injuries.

Was this a mistake or a cover up from the beginning ?

The police never told Jordan the safe was shut this is a cover up in Jordan's view, what does the public make of this ?

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