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Surrey man 'shouting in middle of the night' during three-year hunt for grandfather's killer

Jordan Durante, 41, has been relentless in searching for the person who killed his grandfather, James Durrant

A man investigating the murder of his grandfather has spent every day of the last three years hunting for his killer - and says it is causing physical and emotional turmoil to his family. Jordan Durante, 41, has been looking into the death of his grandfather, James Durrant, who was found dead in his Surbiton home on October 26, 1988.

Despite an investigation from the Met Police, the crime being reconstructed on Crimewatch and a £25,000 reward for information, inquiries into the case were closed by January 1989. Mr Durante looked into the case while living in Spain in December 2019 and suspects his grandfather, who died aged 77, was killed for financial reasons.

In the past few years he has worked tirelessly for justice travelling abroad in search of answers. During this time Mr Durante, a former debt collector who now lives in Surrey, claims to have suffered physical attacks while the process has caused physical and emotional turmoil for him and his family.

“It’s been terrible,” he said. “I have a personal connection to the night my grandfather was murdered because I was being babysat by him. For many years I wanted to solve the murder and it has affected us terribly. I’m so angry these days because the police let us down.

“I’m dedicated. I’m going around the country, flying to Holland, Jersey or the Isle of Man knocking on doors and getting witness statements. I’m investigating this myself so you can imagine the strain that I’m under and I’d love some help from people.

“When I was living in Spain I used to wake up in the middle of the night shouting because I was so angry.” Despite the amount of time which has passed since his grandfather's death, Mr Durante clearly remembers the hours before he was murdered. He was playing in his office as his grandfather was writing a letter while the young Mr Durante played with his leather slippers.

As a squadron leader in the RAF during World War II, he described Mr Durrant as a “hardened” man. Despite this, he said he loved his family “deep down” with the reputation he gained during the war allowing him to attend Buckingham Palace for garden parties.

He added: “He met the Pope during World War II so he was quite an influential chap. He worked his way up from a single man to a multi-millionaire. He was lovely but obviously a hardened man from World War II so difficult to get proper emotions out of him in some ways.

“I remember quite clearly walking in Bushy Park where he taught me how the RAF used to march. I remember having a nice fun time with him.”

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told SurreyLive: "All unsolved murder cases remain open investigations and are subject to periodic review. Action will be taken in relation to any new information received.

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