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Media black on the world's most dangerous criminal syndicate.

This is a small glimpse into Jordan's work since December 2019 which will unmask the Worlds biggest criminal syndicate who conspire to murder persons and steal their assets and even bank identity(which happened to Mr Durrant which can be shown via Compendium lawyers advising to find out the name of the bank account and to write to the bank once you have created a company under the same name).

The criminal syndicate is called the Carroll foundation criminal syndicate and has a media black out for over a decade. The links to this syndicate and the murder of Mr Durrant are numerous for example his old law firm Brecher is mentioned, the $74 million dollar transfer ,Kingston Upon-Thames, Touche Ross (who could not find any of Mr Durrant's trusts like the 1968 trust),naming of the beneficiaries as the Freemasons, Pennington Manches Cooper (other bloodlines lawyer since the murder who were raided by the FBI branch of Scotland Yard in 2021).These are just a few links.

Above link for the official Twitter for the Carroll Foundation (the victim)

Thanks for taking the time to read this site and feel free to post questions or your own personal cases and experiences re police inaction ,regulators inaction, corruption, trusts, offshore islands and any financially motivated crime which is sadly not getting enough attention to due to the UK and offshore governmental stances towards alleged crimes in their jurisdictions.

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