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Mr Christopher Durante recorded calls and meetings, his son Jordan followed his style 1989-2023.

The Durante family have recorded calls and meetings from 1989-2023.

Mr Christopher Durante started this in 1989 and Jordan his son picked up the case and soon learnt to record all the police, regulators, government and the lawful lawyers in these secret tax havens.

Below is an example of an Ilse of Man lawyer advising Mrs Durrant that if there is a solid agreement we can just ignore the law. This conversation was in relation to avoiding lawful tax owed or to conceal assets from the mainland inland revenue.

Mr Christopher Durante warned all the lawyers that he did not want to be party a fraud and he contacted the revenue and got the lawful tax paid, was this not the executors job ?

Please look at the twitter page for the calls.

Londons unlisted murder. (@JordanDurante4) / X JordanDurante4 · Twitter860+ followers Sharing my investigation into my grandfather's unlisted murder in London which links to many famous unsolved murders and questionable acts by high society.

Or here is one with economic police officers in the Ilse of the Man where it stated by the specialist police lady that it is not a hard fraud to understand.

Why can the police not act ?

Because their job is to protect the reputation of the British offshore islands, well they will all regret knowing me now.!!!!!

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