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1.Mr Roberto Calvi June 18t 1982

The family had too fight to show it was a murder police and coroner stated it was a suicide twice.

Money missing after murder and use of offshore islands.

2.Mr Daniel Morgan March 10th 1987.

Uncovering drug smuggling by high up police and customs.

Murdered for uncovering a network linked to the Carroll foundation criminal links.

In Jordan's view it connects to Mr Pablo Escobar and 100 million of cocaine.

Uncovering a story of corruption.

3.Mr Alan Holmes (Taffy) July 29th 1987

Policeman linked to Mr Morgan and his investigation.

Uncovering a story of police corruption.

Below is a news paper clipping from the Daily Mail in 1991.

The Durante family kept the article and this is what prompted Jordan to think of other murders especially after his own experience with the Metropolitan police.

4.Miss Deborah Linsley March 23rd 1987

5.Mr James William Durrant October 26th 1988.

The above was only made when Jordan contacted Murder Map and the owner had never heard of Mr Durrant's murder. Money missing after murder. Offshore islands use.

6.Mr Hugh John Simmonds November 15th 1988

MP and legal money launderer for UK government and script writer for Maggie Thatcher.

Not confirmed murder yet. Money missing after murder. Offshore islands use.

7.Mr Victor and Mrs Audrey Johnson January 13th 1989

Uncovering child abuse by high society.

8.Mr Surrinder Gill January 29th 1990

An accountant stabbed in a car like some other murders to be shown shortly.

9.Miss Carole Kasir June 17th 1990

Verdict suicide twice but now confirmed a murder.

Motive to murder was to eliminate witnesses to child abuse.

10.Alison Shaughnessy June 3rd 1991

Jordan states that Alison worked at Barclays in the Strand in London.

Many patsy are used to cover up the true killer's identity.

11.Mrs Penny Bell June 6th 1991

Stabbed in car like Mr Surrinder Gill and knew attacker like most victims.

12.Mr Robert Maxwell November 5th 1991

Missing money after the murder ,same director as Mr Durrant and Mr Mark Thatcher,same trust service provider who worked with the drug cartels.

13.Mr Bulic Forsythe March 26th 1993

Uncovering child abuse by high society.

14.Mrs Jean Bradley March 30th 1993

Followed from train station to her car and stabbed (worked for a USA company)

15.Miss Jill Dando April 26th 1999.

Looking into the above murders and uncovering high society.

16.Mr David Kelly July 17th 2003.

High society love a war to sell arms and dominate both sides, the amount of arms dealing by Compendium staff can be seen on the Isle of Jersey court website if you know what you are searching for.

This is a case of murder for hire and is arranged by the secret society in the Freemasons but more crucially the elite of the Freemasons are called Mark Masons.(Jordan has tapes from 1989 to 2023 discussing many crimes by high society.)

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