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Our Story...

This site was started by Mr Jordan Durante who has experienced first hand high level corruption and is now determined to expose the individuals and companies behind the financially motivated murder of his grandfather Mr James William Durrant on October 26th 1988.

The Trust service provider never paid the family in four and a half decades and now wants to close a valid trust.
Newspaper Reward clipping
James Durrant family
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Newspaper clipping

The aim of this site is to highlight police corruption, corrupt organizations, regulators, government institutions and any failures by public bodies.

All comments will be submitted for review before posting live on this site.

Corruption, bribery, racketeering, financial crime, fraud, murder and missing millions from defrauded Trust funds. 


A place where people can share information, collaborate on Trust fraud and  expose corruption.
Mr Durrant left many trusts in different offshore islands but only one trust  made its first ever payment to the true heirs this year, why ?
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