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Corruption and racketeering.

The Isle of Man police opened the case into the family trusts over 16 times and the FSA in the Isle of Man committed fraud numerous times in Jordan's view.(the police even shared information with the alleged fraudster, Jordan did a subject access request and it shows the officer asking surely there is another explanation to this rather than just fraud to the lawyers who represent the protected trustee.)

The family have records including every letter any lawyer wrote including to third parties like banks and government.

The FSA stated that the convicted fraudster Mr Costain did not effect Bookham a family company even though he dissolved it without knowledge or consent of the family and the family never saw accounts ,the commissioner of oaths was Mr Paul Patrick O'Neil two weeks later this lawyer was arrested for child abuse then killed or committed suicide (link below)

The FSA stated that the Durante trust was not effected ,the family have no such trust shows the level of investigation the regulator did.

The police complaints commissioner emailed Jordan at 22.26 on a Monday night just one minute or so before three persons tried to attack Jordan with knifes in Spain but earlier on the same day the lawyers for the protected trustee put an application into the Isle of Man court to stay the family proceedings at 16.13 before the court shuts. What was the rush on November 8th 2021 ?

Link below is for YouTube Jordan's attack and a video of a recorded call with a economic crime police officer who agrees it is not a hard fraud to understand.

Jordan's video re his knife attack on November 8th 2021.

Its not a hard fraud to understand.

Offshore data leaks shows this police commissioner at the same address as the protected trustee.

The British offshore islands will do anything to cover up fraud to protect the islands international reputation as a secure and regulated finance hub which is very far from the truth with regards to Mr Jordan Durante's interaction with them all to date. (a disgrace and needs a reform immediately)

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